The Mill itself appears to be in pretty darn good shape. Some of the various equipment used over the centuries still resides within the building. The ground floor is made of a poured concrete. In the one seperate room on the lower level of the mill, the floor is dirt.


Old Mill Date Stone

Receipts from accounting system circa 1946


Flour Bagger Handle

Wooden tooth gear

Main Mill Shaft

Ye Old Work Shop


Mill Stone Hoop

Old Winnower - "Separates the Wheat from the Chaff"

The first floor is where the mill wheel is located. In the photograph on the right, the opening with the metal shaft going it through it connects to the water wheel.


This is an American Midget Marvel Flour Mill located on the second floor of the mill. A Midget Marvel Mill is a self contained roller mill, that was built by the Anglo-American Mill Company in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Midget Marvel Mill was invented by an English milling engineer, A. B. Tattersall, of London, England. Mr. Tattersall had a wrote a number of books advertising his mills, such as "The Story of a Wonderful Mill.".


The third floor contains a number of gears, belts, wooden wheels and elevators. The picture above and to the right is of a Nordyke and Marmon flour press.

More to come...............