Aberdeen Mills - A Part of History

There is limited land to farm upon at Aberdeen Mills. Thus, we have to be creative with what we have. As a result, we felt it would be adventurous to grow up versus out. Hence, we have begun our first venture into high density hydroponic farming.

There are a number of benefits to hydroponic growing methods including:

  • Higher yields and shorter times between harvests
  • High efficiency in the use of water and nutrients
  • Use of low-cost natural subtrates (sand, rice husk, pumice - we are using perlite and coconut fiber)
  • Avoids soil pests
  • Much of the system for growing can be automated

Chronology of the Aberdeen Mills hydroponic system build out:

 Landscaping cover is laid down to inhibit the growth of weeds and insects.
Support pipes are added to provide the growing towers additional strength.  
 A 5 foot main tower pipe is added with a simple base that allows for the growing pots to be raised off of the ground and plastic plates allow for the stacks to rotate.
The growing pots are assembled and "stacked" to create a total of 96 stacks. Each stack contains 20 plants for a total of 1920 plants in the system.   
  Shown are the assembled stacks with a single nutrient line across each of the rows.
Each pot is filled with a bottom layer of coconut fiber, then 2/3 full of perlite then a top layer of coconut fiber.   
  All the pots are filled with plants. We are growing an everbearing variety called SeaScape.
 Starter plants are used each new growing season.   
A full crop in August? Yes, our hydropic system will keep producing strawberries well beyond the traditional in ground growing season which concludes at the end of June in this region. Our berries will keep growing until October or until our freeze protection system can no longer keep the berries warm.    
  Sweet and juicy berries !!

We at Aberdeen Mills support the buy local movement. Please visit the following web sites to find local growers in your community.

Pick Your Own Organization

Local Harvest Organization