Main House built in 1770

Guest House built between 1770 and 1800.

Overview of Buildings

39.7 Acres of land including both sides of the Conewago Creek, several acres of pasture and forest land. Also notice in the lower right corner of the property is a 6 acre island - created by a split in the creek.

A unique fact about Aberdeen Mills are the glacial rocks that pretty much begin and end within this property. It is these rocks that have created a drop in elevation of roughly 40 feet from the start of the property to the Mill. This change in elevation is why the site was selected for a Mill, a steep decline in elevation in a relatively short span ensured that the water flow was at its optimum speed when it hit the Mill Water Wheel to get the gears grinding. See the picture below.

These gears are directly connected to the Mill wheel.

Sheep Barn

View of the 3 story chicken house and other buildings from the bridge that crosses the Conewago.

Front of Mill  - The Loading Dock